Annual report 2020

MTS play forward

Proactive play


MTS: leading digital provider customer base in russia. MTS is a digital company. We develop innovations in entertainment, financial services, media, education and many others. We make the daily life of our clients more convenient, richer and brighter. It is exactly this, that we want to tell you about.

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> 86
million users
> 60
thousand employees
countries of presence
MTS group today

But first, something important... Pandemic and us

COVID-19 is a global event that affected our entire society. We have taken, and continue to take, extensive measures to protect employees and clients and to support doctors. Although the pandemic has brought about changes to our work, it has also accelerated digitization and become a growth driver for the business areas of data transfer, storage, processing, and protection.

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The most important
Business-process continuity through remote working
> 25
new products for clients
Free communication for medical professionals involved in the fight against coronavirus
MTS contribution to COVID-19 and the pandemic impact


The MTS Group’s strategy is called Customer Lifetime Value 2.0 (CLV 2.0). This means that in the center of our value offer is a client to whom the Company provides a wide range of digital services. MTS strives to maximally extend the «lifetime» of the client (Lifetime — the time during which the client uses the services of the Company) and focuses on offering more value to the user. «2.0» symbolises the transition of MTS from the ideology of operation on one market — telecommunications — to the ideology of a digital service environment.

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The most important
UNIFIED UMBRELLA BRAND OF MTS A SET OF RELATED PRODUCTSВ mutual reinforcement and a seamless experience PARTNER OFFERS convenient for customers, beneficial for partners
Our Strategy

Business overview

In 2020, our core telecommunications business showed strong growth in both the mobile and the fixed segment. The company expanded its offerings in financial services and media entertainment, as well as directions such as big data, AI, cloud solutions, internet of things, «Industry 4.0» while achieving record financial results.

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The most important
Consolidated revenue
billion rubles +5.2% as compared with 2019
billion rubles +1.7% as compared with 2019
OIBDA profitability
43.5 %
billion rubles +13.2% as compared with 2019
Business overview

Dividend policy

In 2020, MTS became one of the top ten ranked telecom companies of the world in terms of total share income (TSR) as rated by the international consulting company, BCG. 2020 became a record year in the history of MTS for providing the highest shareholder payments.

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The most important
RUB per share of dividends in 2020
+ 13.25
+13.25 RUB for special dividends
Dividends and stock buy-back program

Corporate governance

Among the Company’s prioritiy tasks for the development of corporate governance is the implementation of the recommendations within the Corporate Governance Code and the continuous improvement of its approaches and management mechanisms.

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The most important
> 80 %
of Corporate Governance Code recommendations are implemented.
MTS remains in the top 10 companies of the National Corporate Governance Index for the fourth consecutive year The first external evaluation of the Board of Directors’ performance was carried out with the assistance of a team of independent consultants.
Corporate governance

Sustainable development

The challenges of 2020 have reaffirmed the importance of our commitment to the principles of sustainable development. The MTS strategic objective on sustainable development and corporate social responsibility is transparency and responsible business conduct — aiming to improve people’s quality of life through the provision of a wide range of services and the development of innovations in health care, education, ecology, urban infrastructure and other areas.

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The most important
The Company is committed to 14 of the 17 UN’s Sustainable Development Goals Approved update of the MTS Group Strategy on Sustainable Development and Corporate Social Responsibility for 2021-2025 ESG Committee established by the MTS Board of Directors
Sustainable development