MTS was recognized as the most expensive Russian telecom brand for the third year in a row — Brand Finance estimated its value in 2020 at 147.96 billion rubles (+21.8% by 2019).

TELECOMS 150 2021 Brand Finance’s value ratings have been approved by the Marketing Accountability Standards Board (MASB) as part of the Marketing Metrics Audit Protocol (MMAP), a formal process to verify the relationship between marketing assessment and financial figures.

# 2

MTS brand has retained the second place in the rankings of global telecom companies in terms of the strength of brand. Strength of brand is assessed using a balanced scorecard (Brand Strength Index, BSI) which takes into account marketing investment, net worth, and business performance.

# 63

MTS brand is ranked 63rd in the global rankings of the most valuable telecom brands, ahead of other Russian operators.

RUSSIA 50 2020

# 3

In 2020, the MTS brand rose from fourth to third place in the Russian brand strength rating.

# 8

In 2020, the MTS brand returned to its previously lost eighth place in the rating of the brand value of Russian brands.

MTS brand