At the meetings of the Strategy Committee under the MTS Board of Directors in 2020, we considered the strategy of the MTS ecosystem and individual functional and business areas of the Company, M&A transactions, the practicability of developing the MTS ecosystem in new directions, and reorganization issues. In April 2020, the Strategy Committee merged with the Budget Committee, after which the Strategy Committee also started reviewing budget-related and other financial issues. Most of the time was devoted to discussing the vertical and functional horizontal strategies of the ecosystem as part of the new strategy of the MTS Group.
Felix Yevtushenkov, airman of the Strategy Committee

The Committee is an auxiliary body of the MTS PJSC Board of Directors for the preparation of recommendations to the Board of Directors upon review of general strategy issues of the MTS Group, strategic development of key functions, projects and the Company in general, and the implementation of M&A transactions and investment projects.


  • preliminary review and provision of recommendations to the Board of Directors on issues falling within the competence of the Strategy Committee;
  • discussion and drawing up of recommendations on strategic activity areas and projects of the Company.

Number and identities of members

Composition of the Committee was changed during the reporting year.

The composition of the Committee was approved at the meeting of the Board of Directors on June 27, 2019.

The number of members of the Committee has increased since April 9 following the merger of the Strategy Committee and the Budget Committee.

The new composition of the committee was elected on June 24, 2020.

Members of the Committee in 2020
Committee Member From June 27, 2019 From April 09, 2020 From June 24, 2020*
V.V. Evtushenkov, Chairman, Non-Executive DirectorElected as a committee member on June 24, 2020
A.V. Kornya, President, Chairman of the MTS PJSC Management Board, Non-Executive DirectorExpiration of the term of office of the President of MTS PJSC from March 12, 2021, excluded from the committee since June 24, 2020.
A.I. Zassoursky, Non-Executive Director
V.V. Rozanov, Non-Executive DirectorExcluded from the composition of the Committee since June 24, 2020.
A. Antoniou, Independent DirectorExcluded from the composition of the Committee since June 24, 2020.
Regina von Flemming, Independent DirectorExcluded from the composition of the Committee since June 24, 2020.
V.B. Yumashev, Independent Director
N. Shouraboura, Independent DirectorElected as a committee member on June 24, 2020
A.B. Katkov, Managing Partner of Sistema PJSFC
V.K. Nikolaev, President, Management Board Chairman of MTS PJSCPresident of MTS PJSC since March 13, 2021, excluded from the committee since April 9, 2020.
A.E. Gorbunov, Management Board Member, Vice President for Strategy and Development of MTS PJSCExcluded from the composition of the Committee since June 2020.
V.S. Travkov, Vice President for Finance of Sistema PJSFC
A.A. Khanin, a member of the Management Board, Vice President for Artificial Intelligence of MTS PJSCElected as a committee member on June 24, 2020
A.A. ZnamenskayaElected as a committee member on June 24, 2020, excluded from the committee on November 19, 2020.
V.M. Klimovich
M.V. KhanovElected as a committee member on June 24, 2020
● person was/is a committee member
○ person was/is not a committee member
Composition of the Strategy Committee for 2018–2020
Participation of the Committee members in meetings in 2020
Committee Member January 29 February 11 April 8 20 May June 22 July 23 September 21 October 19 November 13 November 30 December 11
F.V. Yevtushenkov
A.V. Kornya
A.I. Zassoursky
V.V. Rozanov
A. Antoniou
Regina von Flemming
V.B. Yumashev
N. Shouraboura
A.B. Katkov
V.K. Nikolaev
A.E. Gorbunov
V.S. Travkov
A.A. Khanin
A.A. Znamenskaya
V.N. Klimovich
M.V. Khanov
● — committee member participated in the meeting
○ — committee member did not participate in the meeting
— person was not a committee member at the time of the meeting


In the reporting year, 11 in-person meetings were held.

Main issues reviewed by the Committee in 2020

  • MTS Group Strategy for 2021–2023.
  • Strategies for business verticals and key functional horizontals
  • Approval of the MTS Group budget for 2021.
  • Reports on the current fulfilment of the budget.
  • On acquisition of assets.
  • On reorganization of MTS PJSC in the form of acquisition of its subsidiaries.
  • Updated Regulations on the Strategy Committee of the Board of Directors of MTS PJSC.

The Committee has provided the following recommendations to the Company’s Board of Directors and management, including but not limited to:

  • finalizing and approving the strategy of the MTS Group for 2021–2023;
  • finalizing business vertical strategies;
  • approving transactions;
  • approving the MTS Group budget for 2021.

Work results in 2020

In the reporting year, the Committee considered issues related to the process of strategic planning of the Company’s operations, strategies on the business verticals and key functional areas, M&A transactions and financial issues. Several recommendations were provided to the Company’s Board of Directors and management following the review of issues. In addition, an updated regulation on the Committee was adopted.

Meetings of the Strategy Committee in 2018–2020