High-potential business lines. 2020 results

MTS eHealth

MTS 120/80 System

Since May 2020, MTS has been developing MTS 120/80, a system for remote monitoring of patients with arterial hypertension and other cardiovascular diseases.

The system consists of a free mobile application for a wide range of users developed in cooperation with the National Medical Research Center for Cardiology of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation and a personal monitoring cabinet for medical professionals. The MTS 120/80 system is successfully launched as a pilot project in a number of regions of the country.

A personal monitoring cabinet for doctors is designed for use in medical institutions, allowing doctors to remotely monitor blood pressure, heart rate, temperature and body mass index, entered into the MTS 120/80 application by the users on their own.

The application simplifies the process of keeping a blood pressure diary necessary for people with high blood pressure through its gamification and a number of technological solutions.

  • Enter the results of blood pressure measurements into the application in any way convenient for the user: by taking pictures of the screen of a digital blood pressure monitor, pronouncing the readings or entering them manually. Thanks to a specially trained neural network, the MTS 120/80 recognizes measurements on the digital tonometer display and helps the user to quickly fill out the diary form.
  • Observe the dynamics of your condition using charts and diagrams in the application. If the entered values deviate from modern blood pressure norms, the application will bring this to the user’s attention.
  • Add information about your medications and get reminders when it’s time to take a medicine or buy a new package.
  • Send a report on user’s condition to his/her attending physician if the user is not connected to the remote monitoring system. The report is generated in a way which is convenient for the doctor.

Full functionality of the mobile application is available to everyone, regardless of whether the user is connected to the remote monitoring system in a medical institution or not. To use the MTS 120/80 application, just download it from Google Play or App Store.

MTS StartUp Hub Center

The MTS StartUp Hub Center for innovation and investment is a multifunctional MTS tool to work with young technology companies. In addition to the corporate accelerator, which was launched in 2018, the structure of the MTS StartUp Hub Center now includes: the MTS venture fund, international scouting, and the 5G Center.

In 2020, the corporate accelerator had two recruitments with 1,150 technology projects applying for participation. As a result of the selection, 37 projects from the retail sector, Industry 4.0, environmental innovation and financial technology became the accelerator residents. Four medical technology projects piloted solutions with the Medsi program partner.

Over the past year, residents of the MTS 5G Center developed 15 ready solutions using new generation networks. The new communications standard has helped improve products related to drone control, filming, rendering and broadcasting of 3D video, and cloud gaming.

In 2020, the MTS corporate venture fund invested in the graduate of the fifth recruitment of the accelerator, CoinKeeper company providing a service for accounting and management of personal finance.

MTS Education: Results of 2020

During the period of self-isolation conditions, the MTS Education team developed online intensive courses to prepare students in grades 9 to 11 for the unified state exams. In March, April and May, they were available to all students free of charge. The program consisted of eight webinars in mathematics and Russian and twelve webinars in English. Teaching aids were developed by the Unified State Examination experts in accordance with recommendations of FIPI (Federal Institute for Pedagogical Measurements). Additionally, webinars were broadcast on the WASD.TV streaming platform for availability to the maximum number of students.

In 2020, the MTS Education team continued cooperation with the Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia (RUDN). A joint project on teaching Russian as a foreign language was launched; it will become the main development part in the area in 2021.

MTS Entertainment

MTS Entertainment is a subsidiary of MTS, established in 2019 and combining projects and assets in the field of offline entertainment and related online services.

MTS Entertainment includes ticket operators Ticketland and Ponominalu and the MTS Live service, represented in more than 60 cities in Russia.

The management of MTS Entertainment also includes the line to organize concert and theatrical performances; in 2020, contracts were signed with leading Russian artists to hold tours and shows throughout the country. MTS Entertainment also develops partner and its own concert and theater venues (such as MTS Live Arena in Moscow and a network of venues in the regions).

The largest project of 2020 was MTS’ investment in the Chess musical, the key theatrical premiere of the last year.

MTS Entertainment operates the MTS Live platform for online concerts. In 2020, MTS was one of the first to launch a series of online of music concerts and festivals of Russian celebrities. In total, the platform hosted dozens of online concerts and music festivals using VR, AR and XR technology. More than 30 Russian actors performed at MTS venues; and the number of online concert views exceeded 90 million.

In December 2020, the MTS Live Studio project was launched to support niche and festival musicians. The project has shown successful results: more than 10 performers took part in the MTS Live Studio and are now developing their relations with the company – they are ready to participate in festivals, tours and joint projects.

Gambit Esports  WASD.TV

Streaming Platform WASD.TV

The interactive media platform WASD.TV is a streaming service, on the basis of which MTS develops various solutions in the field of gaming, professional e-sports, and multimedia content. The service is available on PC and on devices with Android OS and iOs. The key eSports partner of the platform is the MTS-owned organization Gambit Esports. As a part of the partnership, club players participate in the creation of their own platform content and broadcast live on WASD.TV.

In 2020, MTS jointly with LG held the fifth league of streamers competition. Fighting for the main prize, the participants had to go through several stages in two main divisions.

Gambit Esports

In 2020, the youth team Gambit Youngsters of Gambit Esports for CS:GO won 10 international tournaments, including the prestigious DreamHack Open November. Thanks to these successes, the team got rid of the Youngsters adjunct and became the main team. The team fulfilled the main task for the year, becoming one of the fifteen best teams in the world.

Team player Ilya Toose Chernyshov won the European Platform Cash Cup tournaments twice and showed the best results among all Fortnite players from the CIS in the summer. Following the results of the year, Toose and letw1k3 became the only teammate duo in our region to reach the finals of major European tournaments four times.

Following the results of 2020, the Gambit Apex Legends team entered the top three strongest teams in Europe, while holding the first position of the European ranking for 18 weeks in a row.

Gambit LoL finished third in the spring split of the Continental League and the LCL Open Cup, and in September they became the vice-champion of the summer split of the Continental League.

In September 2020, a Valorant division was opened at Gambit Esports. The team won two international tournaments, which allowed it to gain a foothold in the top 15 of the European rankings.

The highest achievement of Gambit Dota 2 was the third place at the March minor tournament in Kiev.